Morning Mount Art Print
Morning Mount

Longhorn Art Print

The Loop Art Print
The Loop

Daybreak Art Print

The Stalwart Art Print
The Stalwart

Long Trot Art Print
Long Trot

Checkin' Draws Art Print
Checkin' Draws

Dally Up Art Print
Dally Up

The Cowboy Poet Art Print
The Cowboy Poet

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“Checkin' Draws"
~ Open Edition Paper 18"x24" $37.00
~ Limited Edition Canvas 18"x24" $139.00


The Pillar Drawing
The Pillar

Joe is a rancher with a long history of working with cattle and horses. The sun, wind and rain are etched into his face. I like his determined character. Not only that, he is strong and quick for his age. Open and limited edition Giclée prints in various sizes are available at